Video: Finding Matches for People in Our Community

JNet has been finding matches for people who want to learn for 5 years now and has setup almost 2000 people to learn once a week on the phone and has over 25,000 sessions a year!

The effect people are having on their chavrusas is amazing. Here are a couple of examples:

“Thank g-d your program connected me with Tzippy.  This learning and our friendship has illuminated my life. She is wonderful. I have learned many things about chassidus and about yiddishkeit as well. She is a blessing. Thank you.” Rivkah. Lakewood, NJ

“My JNet partner Chaim is a wonderful teacher. His teaching and inspiration in helping me to learn Tanya has definitely contributed to my growth in becoming step by step a more devout Jew. While my own progress in understanding Tanya can be challenging at times, I am actually making some surprisingly good progress in other areas of my spiritual life due to studying Tanya.

I’ve begun reading the Gutnick Chumash, praying with the Siddur, and am even often wearing a kipa at home. For me, that’s big progress. I’m even starting to use the Siddur. Chaim is great at explaining the Tanya.

While the book, ‘Opening the Tanya’, does expound upon the teachings of the Tanya I am increasingly finding the book challenging in terms of mentally organizing the principles or concepts. Fortunately, Chaim does a fine job at clarifying the areas of the book that I am having trouble with. The Holidays were great. This past Yom Kippur was the first time that I attended in years (actually 20+ years) and the first time that it was really ever meaningful to me. I journeyed over to the Chabad House on Friday and Saturday for Sukkoth and Shabbos. Thank you so much for providing this service” Aaron, Portland, OR.

This Tuesday and Wednesday JNet will be having a phone-a-thon. Sponsor a match like one of these for $18 a month and any donation will be entered in a raffle to win cash prizes of up to $10,000! Answer the call! Or click here to donate now.

You can also sign up to “be a match” at our website

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