Chabad on Call

Chabad on Call is the comprehensive network for hospital emissaries who are committed to creating a warm community within the hospital environment by reaching out to patients, families of patients, and medical staff, addressing both their emotional and spiritual needs. 

The organization also provides numerous resources such as holiday packages and prayer booklets for patients and their families. An online database allows users to locate Chabad services at participating hospitals. We organize educational webinars and courses to promote cultural sensitivity amongst hospital staff. 

We provide chaplaincy training and an annual conference to provide valuable tools to help a rabbi or rebbetzin counsel a terminally ill patient and offer best practices.


Chabad Tomorrow

Chabad tomorrow is here to help you “make your legacy a Jewish future,” by remembering Chabad in your legacy, you will be building Judaism where it is needed most in your local community. From preschool to day school, visiting the sick, or comforting the poor, this is your moment to make a difference. Join us through the loving act of planned giving by leading your community to a strong and vibrant future.



Our mission is to invigorate and empower Shluchim to expand their Shlichus. We do this via online educational seminars, inspirational Farbrengens, Shiurim, and weekly emails.  We organize training courses for Shluchim by leading experts on various topics that are essential for Shluchis.


Special Programming Department

Our Mission is to enhance community events for Shluchim collectively. We produce quality high-end inspirational and engaging programming that Shluchim can customize for use in their Chabad House. We Save Shluchim the time, effort, and expense of creating their own event. We also give them access to talent and content that would be difficult for them to arrange independently. These events connect Jewish communities worldwide helping them appreciate being a part of the global Jewish people joining together to celebrate their Heritage.     


Ckids – Chabad Children’s Network

The Chabad Children’s network creates and develops educational programs across the globe through Hebrew schools, after schools, camps, Shabbat and Holiday programs, and children’s clubs. The Chabad Children’s network has changed the game for kids’ Jewish involvement, experiences, and education. CKids gives a particular focus to children as a valuable community of their own.


Compass Magazine

The Chabad House Compass magazine is a publication of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch and is produced and distributed exclusively for Chabad Shluchim. It is sent, free of charge, to over five thousand English-speaking Shluchim around the world.

The magazine addresses the unique needs and interests that Shluchim encounter in spreading Judaism, community building, educating, networking, and creating schools. It collects and provides quality content from experienced and talented senior Shluchim and transmits that to younger Shluchim.

It is very well-received and anticipated in the vast inner international world of Chabad Shluchim.



CTeen is a dynamic network for Jewish teens of all backgrounds that offers awesome meaningful programs that harness teenagers’ incredible potential to bring purpose, self-discovery, and giving to their communities. 

With over 200 chapters in 23 countries, Cteen is the fastest-growing network for Jewish teens.

Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment fusing fun, friendship, humanitarian outreach, mitzvah observance, and engaging Torah study. We empower teens to actualize their infinite inner potential while cultivating a strong sense of mission, Jewish pride, and love of G‑d. 

Our vision is to invest in the foundation of the Jewish people: its youth. With a solid, uncompromised foundation, the future of the Jewish people will be promising.


CTeen Summer

CTeen summer trips offer teens a unique opportunity to meet and connect with Jewish teens from all over the world for an extended period of time. Self-discovery, adventure, bonding with peers, and appreciating group dynamics are essential during adolescence when children are transformed into adults. 

CTeen Summer is proud to offer a fun and wholesome environment for teens to grow as people, as well as proud Jews. Each summer, the group of teens become a family, and long-lasting friendships are built.

CTeen summer trips are all committed to one goal: to give your teen an unforgettable Jewish experience.


Chabad Young Professionals

Chabad Young Professionals is a worldwide network of communities of young Jewish professionals, post-college and pre-suburb.

We provide a holistic milieu of dynamic social events, career-focused professional functions, handcrafted educational experiences, and organic spiritual gatherings. 

Our 85 plus communities make us the premier Jewish young professional provider in the world.



The Jewish Learning Network was created to fill the need for a more personal, fulfilling, and convenient way for Jews to connect to their heritage. JNet provides business people, students, and homemakers the opportunity to take some time out of their busy work week – whether at the office at home or even on the go – to study the Torah. 

We will find you a study partner, and together you will journey through the sea of the Torah, from the weekly Parsha to the technical intricacies of Jewish Law, the stimulating logical analysis of the Talmud to the spirituality and meaning of Chassidus and the Kabbalah. 

​For our volunteers, JNet brings you the opportunity to bring the warmth of Torah and Judaism to people whose situations restrict them from acquiring it other ways. The relationship you build can affect people’s lives positively in the way we were educated by the Rebbe “If you know Aleph, teach Aleph”. In just half an hour a week, you gain an experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled and wanting to spend even more time with your study partner.


Kinus Office

he Kinus Office organizes the annual international conference of Chabad Rabbis and Rebbetzins, Shluchim and Shluchos. 

Over a five-day period, Shluchim choose from among sessions scheduled back-to-back, covering a wide range of interests. Professional presentations on hi-tech solutions for maximizing Chabad House productivity, fundraising and development, working with the media, campus activities, day school development, and adult education programming. 

No less valuable, the Shluchim savor a few days of camaraderie with like-minded company devoted to the same cause and grappling with similar challenges. It is an opportunity to spiritually rejuvenate for the coming year.


Merkos Shlichus

 The Merkos Shlichus program dispatches hundreds of rabbinical students who travel each year to small Jewish communities worldwide for Pesach, during the summer, and the High Holidays. The hundreds of young students who participate in this annual program stand at the forefront of Jewish life. They visit thousands of outposts in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and beyond. Their luggage consists of kosher food, Jewish books, and educational material, as well as tefillin, mezuzot, and other religious articles. All in all, thousands of mezuzot and tens of thousands of Jewish information packets are distributed each year in thousands of communities.


Mitzvah Society

Mitzvah Society is a global initiative with local chapters that allows you to share the beauty and joy of a Mitzvah with your friends and family.

Mitzvah Society central (or your local Chabad Center) periodically launches initiatives (e.g. Project Protect, Ambassadors of Light, The Seder Experience) with the goal of sharing a particular Mitzvah experience within the community. You are provided the tools and resources to share the basics of a Mitzvah experience, allowing you to connect your friends and family, colleagues, and coworkers with the power of a Mitzvah – any time and any place!

The ultimate Jewish engagement and empowerment isn’t about how many people we reach but how well we teach them to reach others. Our barometer for a Mitzvah’s success is if we’re engaged enough to share and be empowered enough to lead.

We are a society in which the sharing of Mitzvah knows no bounds. We view every interaction as an opportunity, every person as an ambassador. And every moment as a Mitzvah –  waiting to be celebrated.


The Moshiach Office

The Moshiach Office is committed to creating awareness of where humanity stands in the context of world history. We accomplish this through creating educational curriculums and events that make the concept of Moshiach understood and resonant with the people and cultures around the globe. 



MyShliach is committed to providing an environment where children of shluchim can acquire Yiddishe and Chassidishe values, thrive, and connect with other young shluchim their age.

MyShliach brings children of shluchim together from around the world, helping children feel supported and understood by friends who are focused on fulfilling the Rebbe’s mission as well. 

MyShliach’s programming aims to help each child grow into his or her greatest potential. 

We use a variety of programs to support the children of shluchim on multiple platforms. Such as the flagship Big brother and Big sister programs, Tzivos Hashem, Regional Shabbatons and Kinusim, the Farbrengen in a Box,  statewide, national, and international contests, our national Jewish Book Library, and Birthday Zone program. 


The New Shluchim Desk

Our mission is to provide essential resources for the benefit of the beginning stages of one’s Shlichus. We empower new youth shluchim with seed money, new training, top-tier programming, and a dynamic network infrastructure. 

These tools will enable shluchim to reach, engage and empower youth worldwide in an unprecedented manner. 

We provide financial coaching and Shlichus training, as well as the Yesodos Leshlichus Seminar.

We give new Shluchim the gift of a solid foundation, a phenomenal support system, leadership skills, and much more, transmitting wisdom and experience from veteran shluchim and skilled experts to launch their Shlichus.


302 Spanish speaking department


Our mission is to Creates engaging content for the Spanish-speaking Jewish communities around the globe. So Spanish speaking Jewry can enjoy professional and exciting Jewish experiences. 

We also adapt and translate the projects, curriculums, and experiences produced by Merkos 302 into the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking Jew.


Yaldei Shluchei Harebbe

Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe supports and assists Shluchim who are raising children with special needs. Our mission is to ease the financial and emotional burden on Shluchim, so they can continue to spread Yiddishkeit.

 In addition to worrying about daily Shlichus operations on a shoestring budget, many Shluchim and Shluchos are burdened by the enormous financial responsibilities of raising a child with special needs.

We provide financial support and appropriate programming such as opportunities for service coordination, advocacy, financial assistance, and family and respite to these extraordinary Shluchim.