Rabbi Simon Jacobson and JLI Take Parsha to a New Level

JLI’s Torah Studies department is creating a new series on Sefer Shemos with Rabbi Simon  Jacobson as its author.

This unique series will focus on addressing important issues and struggles in people’s daily lives. The Rebbe stressed countless times that “Torah MiLashon Horaah” – the key objective will therefore be, to make ideas from Chassidus and the Rebbe’s Sichos meaningful and relevant.

Tools for Living is the title of this exciting 11 week series. Some of the themes covered in this series: the secret of communication, how to reach people; passion and passivity – when to apply each; how to remain gentle when faced with hardships; dealing with adversity and more.

Parsha is a hot topic and people love to learn the stories in-depth. Add to that a well-developed relevant class, professional textbooks, attractive PowerPoint presentations and captivating marketing materials.

But the icing on the cake for this series over any previous series from JLI’s Torah Studies department is the special touch of psychological, emotional and creative thinking that Rabbi Jacobson infuses in each one of the brilliantly developed ideas from the Rebbe’s Sichos.

Shluchim have responded to this new series with tremendous excitement and anticipation.

More information is available by contacting JLI’s Central Office.

Click this link for a special message from Rabbi Simon Jacobson about this series:

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