Video – Dennis Prager: “Lessons from Chabad”

“There are two awesome aspects to Chabad’s achievements that this ‘outsider’ can affirm. One is inside of Judaism, and one is outside.”

With this succinct introduction, Mr. Dennis Prager, one of America’s most respected radio talk show hosts, began his address at the 2010 Kinus Lay Leadership Conference. Prager, in his characteristic tongue-in-cheek, no-apologies style, spent the better part of his twenty-minute speech systematically praising the mai’los of Chabad and the uniqueness of the Rebbe’s approach to reinvigorating and transforming Yiddishkeit and Yidden the world over.

“What is said about the way the Rebbe saw people, I believe that,” Prager said emphatically, “and if anything has transferred [from the Rebbe to the chassidim], that has – that a fellow Jew is a fellow Jew, end of issue. That is powerful, and what you [Chabad] have done for Torah is enormous.”

Prager, a longtime friend and fan of Chabad, lectures regularly at Baatei Chabad around the country, and is one of the most vocal “layman” supporters and defenders of Chabad in the public arena today.

Prager’s powerful address to the Lay Leadership Conference is hosted exclusively on To watch it, click here

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