New Short Film From Moshiach Office

New Short Film From Moshiach Office

Watch: Tut Altz Releases Theme Video For “Transcend”

A new animated short film entitled “Why Do We Need A Nasi?” depicts the festive feel in the air as a new Nasi assumes the mantle of Jewish leadership. In his opening statement, he focuses on the Geulah and the importance of living it now. Are we talking about Yud Shevat 5711? Well, yes, but about another Nasi as well: Rabbi Elazar ben Azaria.

Rabbi Elazar’s statement on the day he assumed the nesi’us defines the role of all nessi’im and its connection to geulah. The sichah of Shabbos Parshas Shemos 5752 expounds on this fascinating historical event and its message that is highly relevant to us today.

As a hachanah for Yud Shvat, we invite you to delve into “Transcend: Engaging Without Becoming,” which is based on this landmark sichah that the Rebbe said 30 years ago!

You can access the booklet for free on or purchase a hard copy at

Or you can join hundreds of chassidim that are taking this to the next level! Become one of the 121 communities making a Hachana LeYud Shvat or Yud Shvat event in their local shuls or homes. To register as a community or group (with special group rates) visit

For women, there is the now famous Event-in-a-Box. Over 60 Nshei Chabad and seminaries have registered for the complete package to make a pre-or-on Yud Shevat event. You can sign up at

Get a taste of true transcendence with the all-new Tut Altz experience!

Once a month, Tut Altz releases another segment of their program based on another theme of the Moshiach Mindset series. Watch the video of theme three, “Transcend,” which is connected to Yud Shevat:

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