Shluchim Prepare Spiritually for this Years Kinus

Shluchim Prepare Spiritually for this Years Kinus

The “Vision Conscious” movement is well underway as Shluchim spiritually prepare for the annual Kinus Hashluchim this weekend.

The excitement for this year’s Kinus Hashluchim is on a whole new level. An unprecedented Hachanah preparation for the Kinus is underway.

The Hachanah was launched by a unique Zoom event last week on 7 Cheshvan.

Marking 30 years of the sicha of Chayei Sara 5752, 30 shluchim, young and energetic, shared their personal take on the sicha and its powerful message. Each Shliach answered the same question “How does the sicha of Chayei Sara 5752 impact your shlichus?”

The sicha is a landmark moment, where the Rebbe charged us with being visionaries, keeping the ultimate goal of Moshiach in mind every step of the way.

This event was on zoom and live-streamed, attracting more than 2500 viewers. (A replay is available on

It has sparked enthusiasm amongst shluchim, both young and old, to delve into this sicha as a preparation for this year’s Kinus. The excitement for the Kinus this weekend is palpable as Shluchim worldwide are attending local gatherings to prepare for the Kinus in local groups. Whether over Zoom or in person, shluchim are gathering to learn the sicha and Farbreng about its message.

The Moshiach Office at Merkos 302, in partnership with The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute and Sichos in English, have produced a brand new learning booklet consisting of a mini curriculum and the entire sicha translated and explained. The booklet has been shipped to thousands of shluchim all over the world.

At the regional gatherings, this booklet is being used extensively. Shluchim are joining together to be more “Vision Conscious” in their shlichus and prepare themselves for this historic kinus with this ideal in mind.

Visit for the complete Hachana L’Kinus experience, including live shiurim by Rabbi Moishe New, Rabbi Simon Jacobson and Rabbi Nissan D. Dubov (with replay), pre-recorded Shiurim by Rabbi Akiva Wagner, Rabbi Sholom Zirkind and Rabbi Noam Wagner, a Farbrengen-in-Print, a comprehensive learning booklet, and plenty of other resources!

Click here to download the booklet }

Click here to download the booklet in Hebrew }

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