New Nissim Black Music in Honor of CTeen Shabbaton

New Nissim Black Music in Honor of CTeen Shabbaton

Nissim Black and CTeen collaborated on a “Whenever Wherever” theme song released for last week’s 14th annual Shabbaton.

Sure, it’s easy to feel Jewish at the Kotel, but what about while you’re “shooting hoops at the park” or “chillin’ with your Grandpa B.”? CTeen’s newly-released music video uses clever rap lyrics to show teens how they can be Jewish whenever, wherever.

Jewish rap legend Nissim Black starred in the music video alongside a group of CTeen alumni from around the world. The music video was filmed in Israel, where Nissim Black lives, and many CTeen alumni are currently studying there, having received a generous CTeen Meromim grant to attend seminary or yeshiva. 

This year’s theme song, “Whenever Wherever,” carries a message of how teens can be Jewish at any time and in any place. 

“It’s not unusual for our CTeeners to be the only Jew in their grade, school, or neighborhood,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of CTeen International. “This year’s theme shows teens how they can proudly keep Torah and mitzvos no matter where and no matter when.”

The video, directed by Citron Films and written by Chava Witkes, was a catchy way to bring CTeen’s 14th annual INTL Shabbaton theme to life. The Shabbaton was a life-changing experience for the 2,500 teens in attendance.

Teens are passionate about the message of the video. “In today’s society, with antisemitism rampant, Jewish teens may be inclined to take a step back with their Judaism,” says Ariel Lotman from CTeen Milwaukee, who’s studying in Jerusalem and starred in the music video. “The true way to go about it is to take a step forward.”

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