Global Mitzva Chanuka – #Sharethelights

Global Mitzva Chanuka – #Sharethelights

For decades, Shluchim have shared the miracles of Chanukah with the world in ever more exciting public ways. Now they – and you, too – can harness the power of the internet to bring Chanukah to the furthest corners of the globe. No permits required!

#SharetheLights, a project of Merkos 302, is a global Mivtza campaign that encourages Jews of all affiliations and backgrounds to light the menorah, encourage their friends to do the same, and share their Chanukah celebrations on social media.

Now in its fourth year, #Sharethelights overrides geographic distances and unites Jews from across the globe through social media. No matter where a Jew may find themselves, the light of Chanukah will shine brightly upon them, and they themselves can become a light unto others.

With your help, #SharetheLights reached over 3 million people and engaged more than 200,000 users on Facebook last year, in addition to a large reach on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

As seventeen year old Miriam, a Ukrainian refugee, shared, “When I sit and watch the candles glow, I’m reminded that although we light candles in different cities and countries, we are all under the same sky. Chanukah unites us. #SharetheLights!”

More than any other time of year or any other mitzvah, pirsumei nisa—“publicizing the miracle” – is central to the observance of Chanukah.

“Chanukah is a momentous time to share the light of yiddishkeit with each other, with all Jews, and with the entire world,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302. “And now with modern technology, the opportunities are limitless.”

Each night of the campaign will also have an individual theme, for eight truly unique celebrations of light and life.

So this week of Chanukah, share your light! Share a Chanukah picture, video, thought, or personal miracle using the hashtag #Sharethelights. Its reach will go further than you can ever know. Never before has the power to brighten the world been given over so intensely to the individual—to you!


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