Just Joy It! – First Ever Global Sukkos Celebration for Chabad Houses

Just Joy It! – First Ever Global Sukkos Celebration for Chabad Houses

A virtual Sukkos celebration with music, entertainment, and inspiration for the whole family.

Through the awesome power of technology, Shluchim can virtually host a joyous Sukkos celebration for their communities from the comfort of their own home.

As part of an unprecedented plethora of Tishrei resources, Merkos 302 has put together an entire event that will be available for streaming, with options to embed it on your website, view it together in person, or over Zoom.

One of the unique and vital elements of the Sukkos celebration is the requirement to be extra joyous as the possuk states: “ושמחת בחגך והיית אך שמח”.

Joy – often associated with frivolity, superficiality, and unholiness, is in fact, the ultimate key to all divine service when harnessed properly. 

And on Sukkos, it is on full display.

During times of the Holy Beis Hamikdosh, thousands of men, women, and children would gather in the courtyard of the Azara each night of Sukkos for a celebration known as Simchat Beis Hashoeiva (lit. water drawing celebration) and join in the dancing, singing, juggling, and festivities that lasted all night long only to be continued the very next evening again.

With ease, this message and simcha can be spread to hundreds across the globe like never before.

Some of the highlights include a presentation by the sensational 8th Day!, a fire juggler, dancing rabbis, and powerful messages about simcha.

Shluchim can also choose to open and close the event with their own personal message and thoughts. 

“So gather your family together for an evening filled with music, inspiration, and entertainment,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, executive director of Merkos 302. “All the work is done for you. Simply log in and press play.”

Shluchim can purchase this program by visiting tishrei.merkos302.com/sbh along with all the marketing materials needed to really Just Joy It!

New this year as well, is a step by step video guide into building your very own Sukkah mobile along with a downloadable instruction guide. With Sukkah mobiles sure to be rolling around every town this year, this resource is a must in making the process simple, easy, and professional.

Visit tishrei.merkos302.com for all your Sukkah mobile needs and all your Tishrei resources.

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