Merkos and Tzivos Hashem Launch New Chidon Website

Merkos and Tzivos Hashem Launch New Chidon Website

Hundreds of students across the globe are busy studying for the upcoming Sefer Hamitzvos competition event. A new website, will serve as a valuable resource for entrants and their parents.

Over the past six months, chayolim have been working hard to study and reviewing details of the mitzvos outlined in the Yahadus books. With only one week left to the first qualifying test, now is the time for chazara to go into overdrive, as tests determining which finalists will be eligible for the Chidon shabbaton and competition event.

“There is no need to elaborate on how much it means to the Rebbe that every man, woman, and child study the daily portion of Rambam” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarski, vice chairman of Merkos Leinyonei Chinuch. You can imagine the Rebbes smile knowing that over 1,000 children are now getting a clear understanding of all 613 mitzvos.

“The Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos as a has motivated  hundreds of chayolim to commit the 613 mitzvos to memory”, says Rabbi Yerachmiel Benjaminson, Executive director of Tzivos Hashem. “It is well-proven that the children who actively participate in the chidon have a lasting knowledge and appreciation for Sefer Hamitzvos, even many years later”.

The grand Chidon shabbaton will be held in Crown Heights. The girls’ shabbaton begins Thursday, Yud Sivan (May 28) and will culminate in the grand Chidon eventon Sunday (May 31), The boys’ shabbaton begins on Thursday, Yud Zayin Sivan (June 4) and culminates with the grand Chidon event on Sunday, Chof Sivan (June 7). We look forward to another exciting Chidon, where we will see our children shine!

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