5th Annual CTeen Kinus

CTeen shluchim took part in an inspirational and rejuvenating weekend at the 5th Annual CTeen Kinus in Bushkill, PA. This year’s Kinus—which welcomed shluchim from South Africa, Australia, and the UK—stood as a powerful reminder to shluchim to never give up on the journey of igniting the souls of teens.

The kinus boasted a wildly popular program, in line with the theme of “Ha’zorim B’dima,” and provided shluchim with tools to handle the highs and the lows of teen shlichus. Shluchim participated in workshops about fundraising, relationships amongst shluchim working in the same mosad, and making the most out of teen programming. Shluchim were also offered an inside look into the workings of the teenage mind through a powerful workshop offered by Rabbi Yossi Feigenson, LMHC, as well as a discussion with Josh Kohl, of the Jewish Education Project.

The highlight of the Kinus came during the closing ceremony, in which Rabbi Motti Flikshtein, of Wilmington, DE, shared the powerful story of how his shlichus came to be.

“You may never know the impact your time, encouragement, patience and connection with each singular teen has,” Rabbi Flikshtein shared. CTeen shluchim have the power in their hands to offer teens real Yiddishkiet. Keep climbing towards that goal.”

“One of my teens said to me: ‘don’t give up on me, Rabbi,” shared Rabbi Levi Diskin, shliach to Redondo Beach, CA. “Keep asking, and eventually, I will say yes. It’s hard to hear a no. This kinus highlighted the power of staying in the game even when teens turn you down.”

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch encouraged the shluchim to continue reaching teens and reminded them about a vital Achrayus— “We must commit to regularly write a duch to the Rebbe, beginning with Besuros Tovos.”

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