CKids Launches International JewQ Competition

CKids Launches International JewQ Competition

By Yakir Havin

This year, CKids — a branch of Merkos 302 — is launching a brand-new learning competition named JewQ.

JewQ invites students from Hebrew Schools around the globe to learn and be tested on a wide range of Jewish knowledge, and receive a bundle of impressive rewards.

“The Tzivos Hashem Chidon has always been a huge success, and I am excited that a similar competition in JewQ will now be available to Hebrew School children as well. It is important to have a healthy knowledge of Jewish fundamentals, and that’s something we are proud to provide to children from any background,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch.

Students register for the program through their Hebrew School and receive a copy of the Living Jewish book prepared and designed specially for competition. The Living Jewish book covers many fundamental areas of Jewish knowledge, such as basic prayers, blessings, Jewish holidays, Torah traditions, and more.

Entrants who demonstrate their ownership of the material through a number of tests are treated to a grand trip organized by their respective Hebrew School.

Additionally, the top few participants from each school qualify for the regional championships, where students compete with their peers from surrounding Hebrew Schools. The regional champions, along with the top two students from each Hebrew School, are invited to the grand CKids Shabbat in March 2019 / Adar I 5779.

The CKids Shabbat in New York features a full schedule replete with action-packed trips, beautiful Shabbat meals, and a first-of-its-kind tour of Crown Heights. The main event of the Shabbaton is the national championship, where the top Hebrew School students from around the world will face off and the ultimate winner of JewQ will be crowned.

For over a decade, Tzivos Hashem has run an international Jewish learning program known as the Chidon. The program, under the direction of Rabbis Yerachmiel Benjaminson and Shimmy Weinbaum, has fourth through eighth graders study the 613 mitzvos using the acclaimed Yahadus books, and participate in a grand Shabbaton and quiz in Crown Heights.

JewQ aims to offer an equivalent competition targeted catering directly to Hebrew School students.

For more information about JewQ and the CKids Shabbat, please visit

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