JLI Retreat Appearing in All Major News Networks

From the Associated Press (AP) to CBS and ABC News, the JLI National Jewish Retreat is receiving unprecedented media coverage in almost every major news network.

Only two days into the Chabad Retreat that is hosting a sell-out crowd of over 600 people, the Associated Press picked up that former Governor and U.S. Senator George Allen, who recently discovered his Jewish roots, will be giving the keynote address on Thursday evening at the JLI National Jewish Retreat in Reston, Virginia. The news quickly spread, and hundreds of newspapers including the Washington Post, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Examiner plus a number of important political blogs have posted the story.

Rabbi Efraim Mintz, director of the JLI was quoted in the Associated Press saying “George Allen is interesting to the American Jewish community especially because of his discovery late in life of his Jewish ancestry. We embrace him as a fellow Jew and we look forward to his remarks.”

The AP story generated much interest and scores of media networks contacted JLI to send reporters to the Banquet.  NBC and Fox News have already dispatched video crews to the JLI Retreat and tens of media outlets as well as all major Jewish networks will be present during the banquet and Retreat sessions.

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