Getting Ready for the First International Kids Shabbos

On the 22nd of Teves-January 20, thousands of Jewish children will be joining to celebrate shabbos. The latest in a series of fun, inspiring, and family centered events from CKids Club, the International Shabbat Dinner unites Jewish families from more than 80 Chabad Houses and Hebrew Schools for an evening of connection, friendship, and spiritual rejuvenation.

Thousands of years have revealed Shabbos to be vital to the continuity of Jewish life, and in the past century, it has been one of the foremost experiences that has strengthened the Jewish community, inspiring countless individuals to reconnect to their faith and heritage.

This event will enable hundreds of women and children to come together and light shabbos candles (some for the first time), adding their light to the light of millions throughout the world. It is unique opportunity to introduce children to the beauty of shabbos, and to evoke a sense of connection to the larger global Jewish community—which will, in turn, foster a new generation of committed and intentional Jews, who will work in unison to bring redemption to the world.

The event is being produced by CKids under Merkos suite 302, in conjunction with Tzivos Hashem.

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