12,000 Kids Celebrating Chanukah CKids Style

This Chanukah, Chabad Houses across the world launched STEM based learning for the children of their communities in a science-meets-Torah project designed to literally “shed new light” on the holiday season.

This year’s CKids Chanukah Gelt Factory engaged kids in crafting handmade chocolate chanukah gelt, while applying engineering techniques to wire their own mini electric car menorah. Children left the event empowered with the understanding of what it means to be a “lamplighter,” and the ability to put it into practice with their very own car menorah.

CKids Club unites members for fresh, exciting events, empowering them to tap into their talents and interests while connecting with their own Jewish identity and personal impact. These past few months have seen thousands of chabad house children join together, build friendships and celebrate yiddishkeit. To date, CKids Club engages over 12,000 kids in more than 180 chabad houses globally.

Recent programs have included the Rosh Hashana Sweet Shoppe, Simchas Bais Hoshoeva  Dance Party featuring an interactive video with the French Twins, and an illuminating Havdalah LED rocket launch and “JewParty” family game show.

“These young Jewish children are being empowered by the timeless wisdom and passion of yiddishkeit, and sharing it with the 21st century world,” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei  Chinuch. “Chanukah is one of the most powerful times of year to ignite the flame of the neshamah and enlighten the world. And children naturally have that extra shine that brightens all around them.”

For participating shluchim, CKids provides easy to implement, structured programs with customized marketing materials, resources and support to attract new parents and children alike—making cutting-edge, family friendly innovation accessible to all Chabad Houses.

“The Chanukah Chocolate Gelt Factory was absolutely fantastic! Everything ran so smoothly and parents were super impressed!” described Mrs. Sara Bluming, Shlucha of Chabad of Potomac MA. “Thank you Sheva Rivkin and Mushka Butman (Ckids Club Program Directors) for all the great programs.

“Everyone is so excited for the event. We usually get around 50 kids, but currently we have over 100 kids signed up! We are so grateful,” thanked Mrs. Chaya Blecher, Shlucha of Chabad of Yardley PA.

Parents of children who have participated in Ckids Club continue to share their appreciation for the wholesome blend of excitement, creativity and cutting-edge educational activities that have become the standard for these events.

“The Chanukah event was great!” said Heidi, mother of Aaron Mindel age 10. “I was really impressed with the artwork and the goodies that came home. And I can really see the thoughtfulness that you put into your activities. Everything is always so well-planned!”

“We so appreciate all you do. We are always amazed by the rich assortment of activities offered and the ease in which they flow,” added Anna Carver.

To learn more about how chabad house children are sharing their unique light with the world, visit facebook.com/chabadkids

CKids is a project of Merkos Suite 302 under the direct leadership of Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky.

Join the world-renowned acrobatic Rabbis “The Twins from France” as they spin their way through a series of dance challenges that will leave you breathless:



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