“Tutaltz” Initiative launches creative contest for Children

“Tutaltz” Initiative launches creative contest for Children

It’s Time To Know… It’s Time To Share… It’s Time To Win!

Over the past six weeks, boys and girls across the globe have joined thousands of other children in learning Hilchos Moshiach of the Rambam, as explained by the Rebbe in the Dvar Malchus, as part of the ‘Tut Altz’ campaign from The Moshiach Office at Merkos 302. 

As Leibel Cohen of Crown Heights put it, “Learning the words of the Rambam along with the Rebbe’s explanations together with my chavrusa, has made Moshiach very real for me. I can finally appreciate what the Rebbe means when he says that learning about Geulah and Moshiach strengthens your Emunah.”

Leibel has been learning the ‘Tut Altz’ curriculum for six weeks, but now it is time for him and the other participating boys and girls to share the knowledge they’ve gained through creating a creative and unique presentation.

…And win! 

Every child who submits an entry into the competition will be eligible to win a great variety of prizes, gift cards, Seforim, drones, etc.

Submission Deadline has been extended until 12 Tammuz, Tuesday 11:59 PM ET.

“This project is such an important step of the learning process. As the project requires each child to create and bring to life an idea they have learned, it becomes more real and thereby stays with them much longer,” explained Mrs. Chana Lerman, director of the Moshiach contest.

The contest has opened the door to students of all capabilities and learning styles, allowing each one to live with Moshiach in an interactive, exciting, and meaningful way. 

What’s even better is that students who did not participate in every learning session can still take advantage of the material and join with their own creation.

Additionally, the project and presentation can be based on the material learned and shared at the Siyum At Home – Siyum In A File.

The lessons with the Rambam and Sicha sources can be found on TutAltz.com/kids, and all contest guidelines can be found on the brochure below. 

Dear Children: What project will you come up with?

We can’t wait to see how your inspiring creativity uplifts us all!

You are leading the way to Geulah!

You are changing the world!

If you didn’t complete or even start your project yet, it’s not too late to get involved.

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