Representing the Shluchos Partners: Mrs. Julie Gniwisch

Representing the Shluchos Partners: Mrs. Julie Gniwisch

The Kinus Vaad is pleased to announce that Mrs. Julie Gniwisch from Montreal, will introduce the Annual Roll Call, one of the Banquet highlights.

Born in Hungary during WWII she was hidden as an infant as the Holocaust swept Europe. She grew up in Canada, married and became an integral force in the Chabad and Jewish community in Montreal.

Julie is recognized all over the world for her innovative and captivating jewelry designs. With clients spanning the globe, she is often commissioned to create one-of-a-kind pieces for their collections.

Mrs. Gniwisch had the merit of being guided by the Rebbe on many occasions. In addition to her and her husband Yitzchok’s philanthropic endeavors to Shluchim and numerous institutions around the world, she makes time in her very busy schedule to be active in many organizations. For the past number of years she has gifted each banquet attendee a beautiful piece of jewelry.

The Banquet will take place on Sunday 26 of Shvat, (February 11) at the New York Hilton Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

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