International Shabbos Dinner Unites Thousands

As the sun set on Friday night, January 20, mothers, fathers, and children throughout the world joined together for an unforgettable celebration of family, unity, and shabbos.

A project of CKids of Merkos 302, and in conjunction with Tzivos Hashem, The International Shabbat Dinner transcended all borders, uniting Jewish families—from Hong Kong to Arizona—for a fun and meaningful shabbos meal experience.

The evening empowered children to take center stage, leading their parents in song, stories, and family centered games — and most importantly, in spreading the light of Torah and mitzvos.

As one mother from Buckhurst Hill, London shared, “We all enjoyed it! Especially my daughter, who said when she grows out of the hat (won in the raffle), she will keep it safe in her memory box, so that one day, she can pass it down to her children for them to wear and share the story!”

“It was the best Shabbat dinner ever!” agreed the Frank family from Chabad of Romano, Toronto.

The event was one of five groundbreaking programs designed by CKids International to meet the needs of shluchim and shluchos everywhere in engaging unaffiliated families and continuing to inspire children who already learn in Chabad Hebrew Schools. Upcoming events will include Popcorn, PJ’s, and Prayer: An Adventure through the Bedtime Shema and the Exodus Experience—an interactive, full sensory immersion into our miraculous redemption from Egypt.

“Jewish education today requires the coupling of exciting innovation with authentic Jewish meaning,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice-chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch. “Jewish children are the guarantors of the Jewish people’s future. And this is yet one more successful example of shluchim uniting to guarantee the future of Jewish children.”

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