Gimmel Tammuz program at the Ohel for Anash and Shluchim

Gimmel Tammuz program at the Ohel for Anash and Shluchim

Join Anash and Shluchim from around the world Thursday, Gimmel Tammuz, 12 pm ET

Hachana  •  12:00 pm ET
The preparation of a Chossid undertakes before going into a Rebbe has always been sacred and of utmost importance. In this specially-curated program, we will watch unique videos of the Rebbe as well as singing the Rebbe’s niggunim along with him. The physical restrictions should not diminish the reverence of the moment.

Pan  •  1:00 pm ET
Reading of Pan Kloli live from the Ohel for the shluchim and their community members, including the reading of all names that were sent in.
The live-stream at the Ohel will continue to play for half an hour so you can read your personal pan, visualizing yourself standing there.

Siyum HaShas  •  1:45 pm ET
An emotional completion of the Chalukas HaShas which Anash from around the world took upon themselves l’iluy nishmas the members of Shluchim and Anash who we lost during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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