CTeen Announces the Staff That Make the Summer

CTeen Announces the Staff That Make the Summer

CTeen Summer announces their staff of 11 Shluchim & Shluchos and 60

Bochurim & girls who will take this summer’s 11 programs to the next level.

When the summer ends, the Camp T-shirt ends up at the back of the closet, and even the memories lose their sharpness. But months after CTeen Summer, Dylan Katz, a teen from Queens Village, New York, is still in touch with his CTeen counselors. 

“It was more than just a counselor-camper relationship,” Dylan says. “They made this really strong bond with me – with all of us.” Last summer, Dylan spent 14 days exploring Colorado, Utah, Nevada & California in CTeen’s Xtreme traveling camp. Besides for an adventure-packed schedule and meaningful daily learning, what stands out most to Dylan when he remembers the trip a year later, is his connection with the counselors. “We felt like we could ask them anything,” he said. “I think these relationships will last a lifetime.”

“Over the years, CTeen’s summer program has helped dozens of teens find a personal connection to their Judaism,” says Rabbi Mendy Lepkivker, Program Coordinator at CTeen Summer. “And we owe much of that to our incredible staff.”

With counselors playing such a critical role, it’s no wonder that CTeen Summer Headquarters at Merkos 302 takes the hiring process so seriously. There is a detailed application, references are called, and only the most suitable are selected for the coveted position. “We are proud to announce such a high-energy group of staff members this year,” says Rabbi Nachman Rivkin, director of CTeen Summer. “No effort was spared in ensuring that they are the best of the best.”

CTeen Summer looks for a delicate balance with their counselors – that rare blend of passionate chassidishkeit coupled with grounded relatability. “The staff are incredible role models,” says Mrs. Chana Burston, a Shlucha from Orange County, NY, who has sent dozens of teens on summer trips. “Our teens learn from their example how to live an authentic Jewish lifestyle with pride, and how to serve Hashem in a genuine way.”

As CTeen Summer grows, so does its staffing needs. Last summer, there were four programs – this year, there are 11. America Out West takes teens on a high-powered tour of the west coast; CTeen Xtreme is a 14-day travel camp with an emphasis on adventure; CTeen Heritage Quest takes teens through a powerful 5-day Poland and 17-day Israel experience; and CTeen Israel Journey gives teens a more extended stay in the Holy Land for a full 22-days. 

In the weeks leading up to the start of CTeen Summer – the first trip kicks off on June 26th  – counselors will be busy getting ready. Aside from the fundamental orientations and pre-trip meetings, all staff undergo an immersive training process, learning essential skills like crisis management and communication. Classes such as “How to recognize signs of bullying” and “Navigating mental health issues” are part of the high-level learning in which staff members will become skilled.

“Dedicated and caring staff form the powerful foundation from which campers walk away from their experiences, empowered!” says Mrs. Sarah Sherman, Program Coordinator at CTeen Summer. “So we invest a lot into recruiting the best staff and working with them to prepare for a successful summer experience all-round.”  

“The Rebbe emphasized the unique power of a 24-hour camp experience many times.” Says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, “the incredible energy and potential teenagers possess makes the significance of their summer experience so important. We look forward to seeing the powerful impact of their trips.”  

CTeen Summer Headquarters:


Rabbi Nachman Rivkin

Program Coordinators:

Mrs. Sarah Sherman

Rabbi Mendy Lepkivker


Gittie Weiss

Rochel Rosenblum

Rassy Schtroks

Heritage Quest Boys Trip #1:

Trip Leader: Rabbi Tzvi Rimler – Phoenix, AZ

Dovber Uzan – Los Angeles, CA

Levi Harlig – Upland, CA

Mendel Cunin – Los Angeles, CA

Mendel Backman – Glendale, CA

Heritage Quest Boys Trip #2:

Trip Leader: Rabbi Sholom Raichik – Upper Montgomery County, MD

Mendy Lepkivker – Brooklyn, NY

Mendel Marcus – Mission Viejo, CA

Mule Itkin – Scranton, PA

Dovid Geisinsky – Brooklyn, New York

Moshe Aaron Geisinsky – Long Beach, CA

CTeen Xtreme Boys:

Trip Leader: Rabbi Chaim Ozer Metal – Las Vegas, NV

Mendel Prager – Brooklyn, NY

Chilik Holtman – Brooklyn, NY

Levi Glick – Dnipro, Ukraine

Shmuly Taichman – Brooklyn, NY

Bentzi Mishulovin – Brooklyn, NY

Israel Journey Boys Trip #1:

Trip Leader: Rabbi Moshe Rapoport – Mequon, WI

Moshe Farkash – Brooklyn, NY

Mendel Jaffe – Manchester, England

Chaim Kudan – Albany, NY

Michoeli Lipsker – Los Angeles, CA

Israel Journey Boys Trip #2:

Trip Leader: Rabbi Yosef Abramov – Miami Gardens, FL

Avrohom Rapoport – Mequon, Wi

Yossi Deitch – Chandler, AZ

Shneur Pikarski – Miami, FL

Shneur Korf – Miami, FL

Israel Journey Boys Trip #3:

Trip Leader: Rabbi Reuvan & Mrs. Cohen – Leeds, England

Levi Sudak – London, England

Yechiel Vogel – London, England

Levi Chazan – Manchester, England

Heritage Quest Girls:

Trip Leader – Mrs. Esther & Rabbi Sperlin – Montreal, Canada 

Gitty Friedman – Birmingham, AL

Pessi Naparstek – Myrtle Beach, SC

Doba Friedman – Milwaukee, WI

Miriam Luchins – Brooklyn, NY

CTeen Xtreme Girls:

Trip Leader: Mrs. Sara Lazare – Montreal, Canada

Raizel Lazaroff – Houston, TX

Sara Thaler – Pittsburgh, PA

Mina Zalmanov – Hollis Hills, NY

Mushka Labkowski – Brooklyn, NY

Devorah Leah Chayempour – Toronto, Canada

Israel Journey Girls Trip #1:

Trip leader – Mrs. Brocha & Rabbi Sapochinsky – Westlake Village, CA

Simcha Elharrar – Brooklyn, NY

Moussie Feller – St. Paul, MN

Raizel Barber – Brooklyn, NY

Rochel Einbinder – Tarzana, CA

Israel Journey Girls Trip #2: 

Trip Leader: Mrs. Rochel & Rabbi Holzkenner – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Mushka Osdoba – Belle Harbor, NY

Mushkie Pink – Leicester, England

Devorah Leah Konikov – Satellite Beach, FL

Chani Rubin – Albany, NY

Israel Journey Girls Trip #3: 

Trip Leader: Ms. Chanchie Krinsky – Manchester, NH

Rivka Rodal – London, England

Faiga Tiefenbrun – Stamford Hill, England

Esti Shochet – Edgware, England

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