CKids Launching a New Camp Curriculum

CKids Launching a New Camp Curriculum

With the warm rays of summer already peeking through the atmosphere, and children everywhere counting down the days until vacation, the CKids camp network, a division of Merkos suite 302, is launching an all new “Camp Curriculum.”
The network, led by Rabbi Zalman Loewenthal in conjunction with an esteemed group of Vaad members and educators, sought to offer new and improved tools for incorporating Jewish education in the daily camp schedule.

“Summertime is a unique opportunity to educate youth” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch. “The Rebbe spoke time and again about the importance, and effectiveness, of children learning in a fun and exciting camp atmosphere. This curriculum brings a fresh approach that will infuse deeper meaning into the kid’s experience, and at the same time lighten the counselors’ or shluchim’s prep time.”

These ready-made lessons will follow basic themes in yiddishkeit. Structured into weekly practical mitzvah themes, each 30 minute lesson comes with an interactive learning element and a Friday review game.

“It’s kid-friendly, teacher-friendly, and all around fun for all,” says Rabbi Yitzchak Kahan, Director of Camp Gan Israel of Cherry Hill new Jersey. “It’s presented with a camp spirit, so the learning is simply more of the fun. And it’s short, sweet and to the point, which makes it easy on the staff to prepare.”

There’s a variety of themes, which are also customizable in both length and content, allowing camp directors to establish a curriculum best tailored to the needs of their campers and program.


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