Yud-Alef Nissan Farbrengen with Rabbi Moshe Feller – LIVE on TorahCafe.com

As we approach Pesach, it’s hard to tear our minds and hands away from furious cleaning.  Yet this shabbos, we will be marking the Rebbe’s birthday on Yud-Alef Nissan.  In honor of this important day, The Beis Midrash is hosting a farbrengen with Rabbi Moshe Feller.  Rabbi Feller holds a special directive from the Rebbe as a shaliach to Minnesota as well as serves as the director of Upper Midwest Merkos L’Inyoney Chinuch.

The farbrengen will be held on Thursday, April 14th at 580 Crown Street on the ground floor.  Ma’ariv will be held at 8:15, followed by the farbrengen.  

* NOTE:  This video will not be available to be viewed at a later date.  To watch the farbrengen, you must tune in when it is live

Link to Farbrengen :http://www.torahcafe.com/live_events.php?vid=b9eab55fb

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