Your Pre-High Holiday Guide in HD

As the academic face of online Jewish video, TorahCafé.com continues to provide the international Jewish community with the opportunity to enjoy Torah classes of the highest caliber available from the comfort of their home.

In honor of the month of Elul, TorahCafé presents A Guide to Repentance, Prayer and Charity and some yummy Rosh Hashana treats!

In HD video presented by world-class lecturers and scholars with TorahCafé.com’s wide selection of quality Torah videos to choose from. This year’s TorahCafe Elul presenters include Rabbi Moshe Bryski, Mr. Aaron Lansky, Professor Lewis Glinert, Rabbi Shea Hecht, Rabbi Chaim Fogelman, Mrs. Shimona Tzukernik, Chef Yoni Mandel and more.

TorahCafé.com was originally conceived as a resolution of the International Conference of Shluchim and is brought to you by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI).

Click here to view the guide


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