Your Chance To Be A Shliach

Your Chance To Be A Shliach

Anash worldwide just witnessed an inspirational Kinus Hashluchim. A powerful display of the tremendous impact one Jew can have on another. The question is, how can I get involved in spreading Yiddishkeit if I live in a Frum community?

Now is your opportunity to fulfill your shlichus by volunteering to study over the phone with someone who could use your guidance.

Joan is looking for a chavrusa. She’s a retired nurse, a grandmother, living in the midwest. She wants to start exploring the weekly Parsha. She has so many questions. No, there’s no Chabad house near her. She is hoping to learn one-on-one, so she could really immerse herself in Torah.

Can you help?

Tzvi is also looking for a chavrusa. He’s a father of five, a manager at a grocery in Boro Park. He is interested in learning Tanya but has never opened one before. He is curious about Chabad Chassidus and is looking for someone to introduce him to its wisdom.

Can you help?

These are just two of the many men and women around the world currently waiting to be matched with a JNet chavrusa to learn Torah today. 

Can you learn with them?

Don’t worry, it’s not a major commitment! It’s just once a week. It’s only a half-hour at a time. You don’t need to be an expert teacher or even fully knowledgeable on the subject. If you know alef, you have the responsibility to teach alef.

Current JNet volunteers say they came to give but greatly benefitted too. “My chavrusa brings life experience and stories of her journey to Yiddishkeit that inspire me,” says Crown Heights resident Tzirl Goldman. For some, the reverberations are multi-generational. “The ripple effect is being felt by my chavrusa’s family including her children who live far from her,” says Esther Kosofsky in Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Not sure what to learn? No problem! JNet has a fantastic set of resources on their website, including opportunities to buy books at a discounted price. If you need anything to help your chavrusa be more successful, just reach out to the office and they will take care of you.

There’s no better hachlata following the kinus than sharing Torah with a fellow Jew. “JNet has given me the opportunity to fulfill the Rebbe’s mission for all of us,” says Elie Poltorak, Crown Heights. “For those of us who didn’t merit to be full-time Chabad shluchim, this is an incredible opportunity.”

So let’s go on shlichus by bringing one more yid closer to Torah.

Who knows, maybe you’ll gain something as well.

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