Young Shluchos Gather Virtually To Bake Challah

Young Shluchos Gather Virtually To Bake Challah

Starting this year, the MyShliach at Merkos 302 began an exciting series of programs for young shluchos. These extracurricular events take place on Yomim Tovim and Yomei Depagra, giving the girls a chance to recognize the day’s importance and connect with each other virtually.  These online events are filled with fun, entertainment and toichen. 

The girls danced together on Sukkos and made special treats on Chanukah. The next event in the series will be a challah bake in honor of Chof Ches Teves, the birthday of Rebbetzin Chana.

Before the event, the young Shluchos will receive the MyShliach Challah Bake Kit, filled with fun items to enhance the evening. The girls will bake challah and learn about the importance of this beautiful mitzvah, as well as the life and legacy of Rebbetzin Chana. They will also get to sing together with a special guest and make their own craft from the challah bake packages sent to each girl. 

“Doing hands-on activities with friends is something most children growing up in a Frum community take for granted, explains MyShliach Girls Coordinator Ms. Risa Brikman, “We try to create that fun virtually so that Young Shluchos worldwide can have that same sense of friendship even while living in remote locations.”

The girls leave these events with a sense of unity and renewed energy to continue with their Shlichus. At the Challah Bake, the girls will be encouraged to give one of their Challahs to a friend or community member, inspiring a ripple effect throughout the many cities and countries that girls will join from. 

The Challah Bake will take place on Thursday, Chof Vov Teves, at 7 PM EST.

For more information and to register, please visit

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