Yaldey Hashluchim Around the World Learning In Shula’s Memory

Every moment a parent has with their child is precious, and no one can appreciate that more than one who has lost a child.

In memory of Shula Swerdlov, a”h, a beautiful little girl and young Shlucha who was tragically taken away from her family at the tender age of three, children around the world on will be learning with their parents during the eight days of Chanukah.

“It is an opportunity for parents to take precious time to learn with their children,” said Mendy Shanowitz, Director of MyShliach. “On Chanukah it is especially appropriate, since Chanukah – which contains the word chinuch – is also about putting extra focus on education.”

MyShliach which is a project of the Kinus Hashluchim geared towards Yaldey Hashluchim launched this initiative called “Eight Nights, Eight Gifts”, which will award eight exciting prizes to eight lucky winners of the Chanukah raffle.

Children can enter the raffle by completing the prepared sicha with their parents and filling out the questionnaire that will be available at the myshliach.com website on Chof Zayin Kislev The third day of Chanukah.

The program is availabe in French, Spanish, Hebrew and English.

For details visit myshliach.com or call 718-467-4400 x291.

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