World’s Greatest Army Promotes Largest Group Ever

An unprecedented 79 soldiers were promoted this month in the MyShliach division of Chayolei Tzivos Hashem. The spiking numbers are a strong testament to the improved efficiency of the program, as well as the devotion of parents and kids alike.

The numbers are especially impressive, as receiving a promotion is no simple feat, requiring diligent adherence to missions and tasks. Every mission is suited to the age and level of each chayol, ensuring there are no over expectations, and no under achieving.

“The number of active members just keeps growing,” says Mrs Chaya Mushka Moscowitz, of MyShliach, “We are constantly receiving feedback from parents who are amazed at the motivational power the program provides children.”

MyShliach, a project of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch’s Chabad House HQ, collaborates on the program with Tzivos Hashem. “Together, we ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible,” says Rabbi Mendy Schanowitz, MyShliach Director. “Thanks to our extensive customer support and streamlined programming, more children are able to properly fulfil their missions, and be rewarded accordingly.”

With more than 600 miles available to earn this Nissan – more than triple the usual amount, the number of high ranking Tzivos Hashem members is sure to continue rising. Thanks to the extra missions revolving around Pesach, kids could see themselves fast tracked to becoming generals.

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