With Record Number of Young Professionals Expected In Crown Heights This Weekend, CYP Seeks More Hosts

With Record Number of Young Professionals Expected In Crown Heights This Weekend, CYP Seeks More Hosts

As the hosting capital of the world, Crown Heights sees tens of thousands of visitors from all around the world each year. An unprecedented number of Young Professionals are expected at the Encounter Crown Heights this week and CYP International is seeking even more families willing to host young Jewish professionals in their homes.

With new Chabad Young Professional communities blossoming every day, so does the number of people joining in for its annual Shabbaton. It started as a relatively small Shabbaton dubbed “CYP Encounters,” with 50 young professionals gathering in Crown Heights, arranged on the fly just several years ago. From there, it has burgeoned into something way beyond that. Each year, the group expands, the program is updated, and the experience blows away the thousands of participants. 

But this year, in honor of this Hakhel year that emphasizes assembling as many people as possible to revel in their Judaism, the staff at Chabad Young Professionals are working feverishly to meet the demand from shluchim in the field.

Thankfully large crowds are nothing new for the indomitable residents of Crown Heights, famous for their legendary hospitality. And so, come this weekend, Jan 13-15, the biggest ever CYP Encounter is scheduled to descend upon the avenues and boulevards of NYC. 

A star-studded lineup of inspiring figures is set to headline the Shabbaton, with scholars in residence Rabbi Simon and Rebbetzin Shaindy Jacobson, Billboard 100 singer and songwriter Alex Clare and Jewish fashion entrepreneur Joyce Azria. However, for most participants, being immersed in the warmth of a Chassidic home and community is what truly leaves a lasting impression. “Staying with a family for an immersive Shabbat made the whole experience,” said Wendy Levinson of Charlotte, N.C. 

With the influx of attendees comes the need for more hosts and many Shluchim are having to put their hopeful community members on hold until they can confirm that they have the proper accommodations for the weekend. 

If you live in Crown Heights and would like to host Young Professionals in your home this Shabbos, please email support@chabadyoung.com or click here to message CYP on Whatsapp.

“Throughout the years, we’ve seen incredible results from these Shabbatons,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, “The powerful inspiration born out of an authentic Shabbos experience impacts these young professionals for years to come, and the Crown Heights community plays a critical role in creating that life-changing atmosphere.”

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