VIDEO: JNet Match-a-Thon

On Monday, December 15th there will be a very special opportunity to make a real difference to JNet.

We are aiming to raise $40k in 24 hours to fund our 30,000+ yearly learning sessions.

In a unique set up, we have three donors who are willing to match your donation dollar for dollar. That means that for every single dollar you give, JNet will get $4! This is an amazing opportunity for you to make a real difference in making personalized one-on-one learning happen in 56 countries all over the world.

Here’s the catch: this campaign is all to nothing. That means we must raise the full amount, or the donations will be returned.

Join us on Facebook to see how we are going to reach our goal and help publicize this campaign!

We’ve partnered with the amazing team at Charidy to make this drive happen. Watch the animation above to see exactly how it all works.



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