Video: CTeen Mitzvah Challenge Takes to the Streets

In true Hakhel spirit, CTeen chapters worldwide united via the Mitzvah Challenge, a takeoff the famed ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Initiated by CTeen of Manchester, UK who blew the shofar in the streets and nominated CTeen of France to do the same, teens from 30 cities were seen blowing the shofar in public, building sukkos in their public high school parking lots, and more.

Mitzvah Challenge participant Leigh Bojan of Milwaukee WI said that “it was inspiring to be part of something that was bigger than just my chapter. I got to be part of something that was worldwide for everyone to see!”

“Creating an endless mitzvah chain like this is so very significant to our roots,” noted Sandra Mar of San Antonio, TX. “It is proof that we as Am Yisrael are great as a whole but the whole is just as great as every individual.”

Watch this video to see just how far the ripples of the Mitzvah Challenge have spread.




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