Uplifting Shabbos for the Chidon Finalists

After a long day of fun on Thursday, the excitement continued for finalists of the Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos. “I’ve been looking forward to this for months!” Says Levy Gopin, a camper, who has been studying hard to pass the qualifying tests that made him eligible for this Shabbaton. “And I am enjoying every minute.”

Contestants started Friday with davening in 770 before having a filling breakfast with their teammates. A trip to ice skating followed, then bowling and a pizza lunch. “All these trips, one after the next, these finalists really deserve it,” says Mendel Rapoport, a division head. “They are truly an impressive group.” Boys were picked up in double-decker buses and taken to Klein’s Ice Cream before coming back to Crown Heights to prepare for Shabbos.

Friday night was spent with host families in Crown Heights, and Shabbos morning began another inspiring, fun-filled day of the Chidon Shabbaton. Boys met in 770 for Chassidus and mezonos, then Shacharis and time in the Rebbe’s house. Afterward all Chidon contestants enjoyed a big meal together in Oholei Torah with chayusdike singing and divrei Torah , lead by Rabbi Shimon Rivkin, Director of Cteen International. “The energy in that room was incredible,” says Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum, director of Chayolei Tzivos Hashem.

Chidon skits were created by all six teams after lunch, incorporating mitzvos from the Yahadus books that contestants have been studying. Points were given to each team based on their performances’ creativity and content. After shalosh seudos and seder niggunim, contestants headed back to their host families for a good night’s’ sleep—very much needed to prepare for the culmination of the Chidon Shabbaton: today’s grand game show competition!

Watch the event replay tonight starting at 6pm: Chabad.org/chidon


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