Unearthed: The Story of the Alter Rebbe’s Birth

Myshliach has just released an exciting new series of the “Story Hour” videos for yaldei hashluchim, a series which is also made available for others to watch. “The Birth of the Alter Rebbe” brings to life exceptional details of the story about how the Alter Rebbe was born, as well as his upshernish, as masterfully told by the renowned storyteller Rabbi Yitzy Erps. Culled from many sources, this is the first time anyone has put out such a comprehensive story of the Alter Rebbe’s birth.

“The video gives over Chassidishe history in a child friendly way,” explains Rabbi Mendy Schanowitz. “It imbues them with core Chassidishe values that are especially relevant as a hachana for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. It’s like an online farbrengen for kids.”

MyShliach’s earlier releases have received rave reviews from shluchim. One shliach said, “I was listening to the stories with rapt attention. It’s amazing how Rabbi Erps gives you the feeling that the story is actually taking place now. It’s a must watch for adults and children alike.”

Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, director of Merkos Suite 302, said that the overwhelming response to previous videos shows how important Chassidishe entertainment is to our children nowadays. “Around 4,000 people have already tuned in to watch. The stories are vital, bringing foundational Chassidishe stories to life for our children to enjoy.”

In addition to the story, there is also a niggun and a sicha from the Rebbe on the theme of Elul. It is presented in a fun and interesting way that children (and adults) have come to enjoy.

Bookmark myshliach.com/storyhour to watch future videos and to order DVDs of previous releases.

Thanks to Rabbi Efraim Mintz and Rabbi Levke Kaplan at TorahCafe.com for their assistance with this project.

To watch the new episode Click here.

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