Ukraine On the Forefront of Jew’s Minds this Purim

Ukraine On the Forefront of Jew’s Minds this Purim

Support for the Jews in Ukraine is pouring in from every corner of the world. The Ukraine Jewish Relief Desk has been consolidating Chabad’s network of resources. Ukraine Purim resources have assisted Shluchim in facilitating the drive to help

The war in Ukraine is entering its third week, and the life-saving activities of Chabad in the region are only growing. The pictures, videos, stories, and eye-witness testimonies coming out of Ukraine have inspired the masses in an unprecedented manner, and everyone is looking to do all they can to assist. Shluchim have been channeling their local communities’ desire to help the cause by directing them to their colleague Shluchim on the frontlines. 

As Purim approached, it was evident that this year would be different. The crisis in Ukraine is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, and even the thought of joyous celebrations at such a time, is difficult for some. A campaign has begun, to help fuse the celebration of the day, with support for those affected by the fighting. Purim is a time of giving. The Mitzvos of the day brings focus to sharing with those in need. Shluchim are encouraging their communities to share the Purim joy with those displaced by the war.

The Ukraine Jewish Relief Desk at Merkos 302 together with has provided resources to encourage support of Chabad’s activities in Ukraine.

Chabad’s life-saving efforts have expanded to care for refugees in more than six neighboring countries. Tens of thousands of refugees have been evacuated and provided with food and housing in safer locations. For those still in Ukraine, food and other necessities are being distributed by the Shluchim and local volunteers. 

The outpouring of support has been tremendous, everyone is looking for ways that they can help. The Ukraine Jewish Relief Fund, in conjunction with Ohr Avner, has been raising funds for the crucial operations in Ukraine. 

Additionally, many are looking to help in ways beyond their monetary donation. To consolidate the efforts and resources of communities and Shluchim around the world, the Ukraine Jewish Relief Desk at Chabad Headquarters was established. Shluchim, corporations, law firms, and individual volunteers have been reaching out, offering an array of services and aid to those in need. The Relief Team is in close contact and is coordinating with the teams of Shluchim on the ground in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, assessing their needs, and ways help can be provided. Many connections have already been made between those volunteering from overseas and the coordinators in Europe.

“A fire is burning in the heart of every Jew as they witness what is happening to their brothers and sisters in Ukraine. It is heartwarming to see the droves of phone calls and emails we receive daily, with people offering assistance of every form.” Explained Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302. “The Shluchim in and around Ukraine have been working around the clock, some even risking their lives to provide everyone with what they need. It is essential that we unify our efforts in their support.”

The Ukraine Purim card has been shared on Social media, Whatsapp, included in Mishloach Manos, and is being hung at Chabad house Purim parties worldwide. 

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The Ukraine Jewish Relief Desk can be contacted at or 718.977.5503

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