Tut Altz Workshop for Teachers

Tut Altz Workshop for Teachers

A free workshop from Tut Altz sets out to show teachers how the Live with Geulah Now! Curriculum can transform their classroom and engage students in grades 3-7 in fun, interactive learning as they give over the Rebbe’s directive to live with Moshiach on a daily basis, to their students. 

As a 7th-grade teacher who has used the curriculum, Miss Devorah Leah Austin of Beis Rivkah Crown Heights explains, “The Tut Altz Curriculum gives teachers the resources to teach about Moshiach in a way that is made meaningful, practical and fun for the kids. Seeing how the curriculum makes the kids want to learn about Moshiach is so incredible. This presentation is a great opportunity to show everyone how it’s done.”

Features of the nine monthly segments will be showcased by Tut Altz instructors, along with the variety of supplements and teacher’s aids that come along with the lessons. While teachers experience the curriculum hands-on, they can envision how to implement it effectively in their classrooms. 

“We are proud to be initiating this new element of Tut Altz Teacher’s Training,” remarks Rabbi Shloimie Naparstek, director of the Moshiach Office at Merkos 302. Earlier this year, Tut Altz launched monthly video tutorials on the nine segments, but the idea for something new and interactive took hold. “We are your partners in Moshiach education. And we are committed to assisting you in any way we can.” 

The workshop is available in person at the venue of your school’s choice or on zoom for schools outside the tri-state area. 

Reach out to Tut Altz to schedule this free workshop for your school!

Call or Whatsapp: +1 (347)-343-4514 or Email: schools@tutaltz.com


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