TorahCafe’s Shavuot Webcast: From Sinai to Cyberspace

5 Paths….

5 Ways to bring Torah into your life this Shavuot!

In honor of Shavuot, JLI and TorahCafé are proud to share with you our Shavout Webcast entitled, From Sinai to Cyberspace: Bringing Ancient Wisdom to Your Modern World.  With an introductory montage from Rabbi Adin Even-Israel SteinsaltzChief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks and Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, From Sinai to Cyberspace tells 5 unique stories about people who have found revolutionary ways to learn Torah today.

Expert Designer of Jewish Apps for iPhone, Ronnie Shwartz has brought our ability to access Torah to a whole new level.

Director of JNET, Rabbi Yehuda Dukes and a JNET participant share their experiences about how a weekly chevrusa session over the phone can transform and improve your life and business.

Director of the Jewish Book Council, Carolyn Hessel, shares her insights on what it means that the Jewish people are called “The People of the Book.”

Director of the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at Emory University, Rabbi Dr. Michael Broyde directs a revolutionary program that blends the academic and Yeshiva styles of study.

 Rabbi Meir Levinger, Educational Director of the Mayanot Women’s Program, offers a groundbreaking program for women’s Torah learning in Jerusalem, Israel.

Check out these amazing stories and share them with your friends and family this Shavuot!


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