TODAY: Global Women’s Farbrengen for Chof-Ches Nissan

TODAY: Global Women’s Farbrengen for Chof-Ches Nissan

This evening, a special farbrengen for women will coincide with the last hour of the 24-hour global farbrengen being hosted by The Moshiach Office at Merkos 302. Dubbed “One Powerful Hour,” the lineup of four female speakers will farbreng on a woman’s unique influence.

The farbrengen will feature Connecticut Shlucha Mrs. Vivi Deren, a powerhouse of bitachon who has inspired many through her shlichus and living example of fortitude and passion for Geulah. Mrs. Shterna Ginsberg, a shlucha in Brooklyn, New York, and author of the book “Your Awesome Self,” gleans life lessons from the Twelve Pesukim and applies them to understanding your potential. Mrs. Chava Richler, a Crown Heights mother, ShluchimMatch Shadchan, and make-up artist has helped numerous Shluchim and Shluchos navigate the challenges of Shidduchim. And Mrs. Menucha Schochet, California shlucha and educator who has inspired dozens of women around the world with her motivational talks and musical talent.

The program will be moderated by Mrs. Dinie Rapoport of Mequon Wisconsin.

The women will farbreng on the theme of Chof-Ches Nissan encouraging every woman to use their abilities and sphere of influence with which she has been blessed by Hashem to do all she can to heed the rebbe’s call and bring Moshiach now.One Powerful Hour will run from 8.30 pm EST. To join, visit

To join via Zoom:

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