Today: First-Ever Kinus Workshop Featuring “The Balebatim

Today: First-Ever Kinus Workshop Featuring “The Balebatim

Over the years, Shluchim have attended many a Kinus workshop led by fellow Shluchim, who share their vast reservoir of insight, knowledge, and experience they’ve picked up along the way. Today, however, for the first time, Shluchim will hear from the other side…their supporters. It’s one thing to hear advice from great fundraisers but imagine getting a peek into the world of the donors.

The workshop will be moderated by Rabbi Shmully Levitin of CYP Hoboken & Jersey City, NJ, and feature an impressive panel of Entrepreneurs and Business leaders active in their local Chabad House communities, namely: Mr. Nesanel Ganz, Business editor at Ami Magazine; Mr. Josh Abhesara, founder of Wonderful Studio; Mr. Michael Eisenberg, an accomplished venture capitalist and Mr. Marc Beslky, a prestigious real estate equity broker.  

In addition to hearing from the donor’s perspective, the Shluchim will also be privy to ideas from the world of venture capitalists and learn how they apply to the unique world of a Shliach’s fundraising.

In what promises to be an insightful segment, Mr. Ganz will advise on how Shluchim can curate business networking events in their Chabad Houses and attract esteemed businessmen and women to build a thriving young professional community.

The Workshop will take place Today, Thursday, at 1:00 pm in Oholei Torah main ballroom. 

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