The Winners of the Gimmel Tammuz Campaign

The Winners of the Gimmel Tammuz Campaign

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In honor of Gimmel Tammuz, JNet held a learning campaign.Participants were asked to study a sicha (talk) of the Rebbe in English, Spanish, or Yiddish and then answer three questions related to the material for a chance to win prizes. Three winners were chosen.

Congratulations to:

First prize – $250.00 Cash: Brian Ari Hutchison (Houston, TX)

Second prize – Tablet: Yehoshua Einbinder (Brooklyn, NY) 

Third prize – $100 to www.kehot.comAvremel Raskin (Brooklyn, NY)

Participants were asked to share the most powerful new lesson they took from the sicha. Here are some selected answers:

What lesson/message did you take from this Sicha (talk)?

·         “We need to be strong and indestructible… the only way to do this is through binding ourselves with Hashem’s Torah and Mitzvot which are everlasting because they are truth.”

·         “Just as the Torah is eternal, true in all times and all places, so (too) Moshe is eternally present”

·         “The lesson I take is that we can continue to live through our children just like Jacob continues to live thought his. It is crucial to teach Torah to our children.”

If you would like to have a part in the merit of all the learning by helping to cover the cost of the project, please go to and mention Yud Shevat in the “In honor of” section.

JNet is a project of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch and was established with a generous grant from the Rohr Foundation



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