The Winner of Levi Sefer Torah Raffle



The raffle for Levi’s Torah, in memory of Levi Yitzchak Wolowik a”h, was held today, with ten winners announced. Over ten thousand lines of Tanya were learnt and thousand raised towards the Torah.

Every child who participated in the Learn-a-Thon will be getting a certificate recognizing their contribution as well.

And the Winners of the Raffle Are…

(1) Blowup chair: Chaya Goldshmidt (Cheder NJ)

(2) $25 AT Nosh-world:  Chana Shmotkin (WI)

(3) Silver Candlestick: Chaya Wolowik: (L.A.)

(4) Menorah: Shmuel Munitz (Or Temimim – Buffalo)

(5) 3 pack Rebbe videos: Shterna Ringo (Beis Rivka Montreal)

(6) Digital photo keychain: Naftoli Stein (Cheder Lakegrove N.Y.)

(7) Personalized leather chitas: Mushky Lewis (Cheder Morristown)

(8) Watch: Yosef kivman (U.L.Y)

(9) Camera: Boruch Kalmenson (O.T.)

(10) Ipod: Boruch Sherman (Cheder NV.)

Congratulations on a job well done!

The writing of Levi’s Torah is nearly finished, and your learning is bringing it to completion. There is still an opportunity for those that wish to sponsor a child’s learning of Tanya, this can be done by contacting Levi’s Torah.

For more information: P: 718.467.4400 x349 E:


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