The Three Weeks: 21 Moshiach Inspirations

A New Program for the 3 Weeks Focuses on Moshiach as the 3 weeks and the mourning period over the destruction of the Batei Mikdosh begins, the Moshiach Campaign has created a new program that help use this time to also focus on future rebuilding rather than just past destruction.

“The Rebbe stressed many times that learning about Moshiach is the best way to prepare for his coming, our goal is to inspire people to look at the three weeks from a Moshiach and Geula mindset”, explained Rabbi Aharon Fehler who authored this project.

The project is another in the long line of English publications about Moshiach produced by the Moshiach Campaign, directed by Rabbi Chaim Hershkowitz.

Rabbi Hershkowitz was inspired by the overwhelming, positive feedback form past projects such as the Moshiach seuda handbook as well as “Moshiach Day by Day”  He commented “the entire purpose of the Moshiach Campaign, is to provide as much material as possible about Moshiach in an appealing and informative manner, and we hope this project will become a similar success”.

The Moshiach Campaign, a project the Kinus Hashluchim, a division of Merkos Inyonei Chinuch and is made possible thanks to Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky.

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