The Path to Day Care Eco-Health Costs $25 a Year

Ganeinu Preschool in Jacksonville, FL was recently endorsed as being an eco-healthy child day care center. “It really was not such a big deal and is very easy for anyone to do,” explains Rabbi Shmuel Novack.

“The Children’s Environmental Health Network (CEHN) provides a list of 30 criteria which, when met, will earn your day care or Early Childhood Center accreditation for being eco-healthy. Most of the criteria are items which you probably already have in place or would be happy to do in any case. Once you fulfill the stated requirements, you will submit one simple checklist and form and send in $25 for one year or $35 for two years and you’re done.

“Being endorsed as eco-healthy was a great way for us to promote ourselves in our community. We sent press releases to all the community newspapers and media and put Chabad in the spotlight for excellence once again.”

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