The new Shluchim Magazine by Merkos: “The Chabad House Compass”

“The Chabad House Compass” – a magazine for shluchim by shluchim, has been published by Merkos Suite 302, designed to help shluchim – “navigate the world of shlichus”.

As the network of Shluchim continues to grow, the request for a forum in print where shluchim can connect and share their experiences was put forth.

Presented with more forum options than ever before – from Beis Medrash L’shluchim to Shluchim Exchange on the internet to the International and regional Kinus Hashluchim  – Shluchim have been given the opportunity to engage one another in practically any which way; that is until now.

“Over the years we have received numerous requests to create a forum for shluchim to share their ideas, solutions and successful endeavors in the field of shlichus,” writes Rabbi Moshe kotlarsky of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch in the opening letter of the magazine.

“Many innovative projects have been launched by Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch as a direct result of the Kinus Hashluchim. The goal is to help shluchim realize their ideas and bring them to fruition”.

With articles from Rabbi Markowitz on “practical advice on chinuch for shluchim” and Rabbi Raskin on “complex halachic issues” to Rabbi Duchman on “planning a budget” and Rabbi Gordon on “the ten commandments of shlichus”, this forty two page magazine with impressive graphics and a professional touch is sure to be a unique and enjoyable magazine.

The premier issue of the magazine has been printed in honor of Shavuos and has been sent out to English-speaking shluchim all over the world.

The editorial staff would like to thank all the shluchim involved, the team of writers and editors at Merkos Suite 302, as well as the advertisers – beginning with The Print House and Spotlight Design – for their assistance in bringing the magazine to life.

Being that the magazine is built on the feedback and input of shluchim, if you have comments, questions or suggestions or if you have not yet received the magazine, please email

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