The Most Annoying High Holiday Fruit


A new Rosh Hashanah video promotes JLI’s upcoming course, Fascinating Facts: Exploring the Myths and Mysteries of Judaism. Produced by Mendy Pellin, the video features a High Holiday spoof of the viral Annoying Orange series that receives tens of millions of views on YouTube every week. The new video promotes Jewish cultural literacy, encouraging Jews from all walks of life to take on a New Year’s resolution this Rosh Hashanah to become more fluent in their Jewish heritage.

Fascinating Facts will begin in the second week of November in over 350 Chabad Houses worldwide. The new JLI course will provide insights into a comprehensive array of Jewish subjects, including Biblical stories, Jewish life cycle events, the Hebrew language, mysteries of the occult, Jewish foods, the Jewish calendar, and Jewish myths, misconceptions, and urban legends. The brochure promoting the course pledges to provide students with a wealth of information that will enlighten even the most seasoned trivia buff with an entertaining array of fascinating facts about their Jewish heritage and culture.


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