The Finalists Are on Their Way!

Crown Heights is geared up and ready to greet these young scholars, who have mastered the 613 Mitzvos and will be competing for the gold, silver, and bronze medal.

139 Finalists are flying in from all over the world, including: Melbourne, Australia • Sydney, Australia •  London, England • Manchester, England • Curitiba, Brazil • Vancouver, British Columbia •  Toronto, Ontario • Montreal, Quebec • Alabama • Arizona • California • Colorado • Connecticut • Delaware • Florida • Illinois • Louisiana • Maryland • Massachusetts • Michigan • Minnesota • Nebraska • Nevada • New Jersey • New York • North Carolina • Ohio • Oregon • Pennsylvania • South Carolina • Texas • Virginia • Washington!

Show your support by joining the audience for Sunday’s final showdown at the Chidon Game show, an event that will leave a lasting impression on everyone involved.

What are you waiting for? Buy your ticket today at


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