Help the Stiefelmann Family

Help the Stiefelmann Family

The pain is fresh. We’ve all heard of the tragic passing of Chaia Mushka ע”ה bas R’ Avraham Meir שי’

Chaia, born to her parents Avraham Meir and Margalit Berkes שיחיו grew up on Shlichus in Rio de Janeiro.

Together with her husband יבלח”ט Rabbi Avraham Stiefelmann, they moved to Sao Paulo, to teach and run programs at Knesset Israel.

Chaia was a wife; a shlucha; a teacher; and a friend to so many. She kept focus of the most important part of her life, her family, and was very careful to dedicate time and energy to her four young children. Chaia passed away shortly after her 28 birthday, on 25th Tammuz 5776.

Chaia was passionate about Shlichus and helping people. Now it is our chance to help her family.

Her husband, Rabbi Avraham Stiefelmann now has to play the double parent, caring for his four young children,
Chanale, 6; Rivkale 4; Mendel 2 and Yossi just 6 months.

Let us help him in this tremendous task by sharing his financial responsibility.

100% of the funds collected will go directly to the family.

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