South Eastern Shluchim Gather in Coconut Creek

Chabad of Coconut Creek was proud and honored to have recently hosted the South Eastern Regional Kinus HaShluchim.

The theme of this year’s regional Kinus HaShluchim was Hiskashrus.

Sunday, 24 Menachem Av – 147 Shluchim from 6 states convened for this purpose in Coconut Creek, Florida, in Chabad’s new state-of-the-art South Florida Jewish Academy building to what proved to be a most amazing conference.  Rabbi & Mrs. Yossi Gansburg were their hosts.

It’s annual premise is to strengthen the bond between fellow colleagues, learn and continue to grow as vital leaders within their communities, educate within new environments, improve their knowledge, and take back a renewed sense of pride and accomplishment in their teachings.


Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice- Chairman of Merkos, Chairman of the International Kinus and the regional Kinusim held throughout the world, highlighted this theme through personal stories and directives that he had received from the Rebbe.

Rabbi Abraham Korf , Head Shliach to the State of Florida noted the Parsha’s name  Re’eh, seeing. After some decades of transforming Florida to a state with 170 Chabad Centers, Rabbi Korf shared how amazed he remains when he sees, as he did that day, the incredible brochos that Shluchim receive from The Rebbe until today.

Rabbi Lipskar, from the shul of Bal Harbor, discussed the Rebbe’s Chinuch Curriculum and discussed the importance of educating children that are attending public school. He pointed out numerous incidents where young children brought their families closer to yiddishkeit because of their involvement in Release Time programs.

Following were many other Shluchim, including Rabbi Rafi Tenenhaus, Rabbi Yisroel Spalter, Rabbi Yolish Ganz all emphasizing Hiskashrus to the Rebbe including personal stories, and the Rebbe’s teachings.

The Kinus, which traditionally serves as a source of inspiration for the Shluchim, could not have been staged in a more befitting center which exudes hard work, dedication, Hiskashrus and abundant brochos of The Rebbe.

With sophisticated decor, cutting edge technology and a gleaming two floors of 33 thousand square feet, the Gansburgs administer their Crown Jewel, South Florida Jewish Academy, a school created to serve the Jewish community’s special needs and diverse learners population in an inclusive environment.

This is a most unique educational, yet caring and nurturing environment.  The focus of the academy is to educate academically as well as teach and reinforce life skills so that the children become important in their own right and utilize their potential skills and assets.

Much like what the Shluchim reinforced amongst themselves during the day there.

In a post banquet Fabrengen, Rabbi Leibel Schapiro, Rosh Yeshiva and Rov of Anash in South Florida stressed the foundation of all of Shlichus is one’s remaining Mekushar to The MeShaleach, The Rebbe. This must be the reality on which all else is built and done. The Rebbe’s vision must permeate all of a Shliach’s day and night. Sometimes it is more evident, sometimes less – but it is what makes a Shliach distinct from any other outreach or Jewish community activist.

An excellent panel of workshops, led by experts in the field of Halacha, Jewish Education, public speaking, fundraising, and other pertinent topics of concern to the Shluchim were held in the main auditorium of the building and classrooms throughout the spacious school.

One of the Shluchim in attendance wrote the following morning, “For the few hours at the Kinus, everyone felt the warmth, friendship and brotherly love that is much needed. The Gansburgs are renowned for the selfless care for other Shluchim, and it was felt by all. The speakers, presenters, banquet and fabrengen through the night created a very special confidence and pride in us all that will last a long time to come in the lives of all of the Shluchim in attendance.”

It was a wonderful experience for all.


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