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Some 65 Shluchim from the Mid-Atlantic Region gathered Sunday, August 26, in Baltimore, Maryland, for a day of learning, inspiration and togetherness. The Shluchim enjoyed workshops, shiurim a warm farbrengen and a keynote address from Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky.

According to the host, Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, Shliach roshi of the Maryland region, there was strong symbolism in the choice of location for the kinus; an old synagogue recently given to Chabad to use as a preschool directed by banquet emcee, Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon.

“It was most appropriate that a kinus designed to educate and rejuvenate shluchim was the first Chabad event in a place we are rededicating to teach the next generation.”

The Shluchim were treated with a slew of workshops, beginning in the morning with a Chassidus Shiur by Rabbi Rabbi Nochum Bukiet, Mashpia of the Lubavitch Yeshiva of Baltimore and followed by talks on networking,halacha, fundraising and a roundtable discussion on Yomim Noraim programming. PR Advisor to the Reagan Administration, Levi Rabinowitz, shared proven methods of dealing with the media.

Larry Ziffer, an executive member of various Jewish Federations, delivered a workshop on understanding the inner working of Federations, and how to better work together toward common goals. Ziffer isn’t your average Federation member; as a Chabad Chossid he sports a hat, beard and kappoto. His understanding of both sides of the coin led to a keen insight into an often troubling area for many Shluchim.

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch, closed the Kinus with an inspiring farbrengen, featuring moving anecdotes and stories of the Rebbe regarding Shlichus. “These Kinusim are vital for Shluchim to boost their morale and keep them connected with each other.” he said.

“It was a beautiful event,” said Rabbi Kaplan, “and gratitude must be shown to our young, energetic Shluchim, Rabbis Sholom Zirkind, Nochum Katzenelenbogen and Levi Druk who arranged it together with Rabbi Shneur Najar of the Kinus Office.”

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