Shluchim gather as one in Nebraska

Over 50 shluchim gathered this past weekend in Omaha, Nebraska for the U.S Western regional Kinus.

Hosted by Rabbi Mendel Katzman and his wife, and chaired by Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, the weekend was one of rejuvenation, giving the shluchim the necessary inspiration and motivation to take back to their families and communities.

With lonesome shluchim from remote areas such as Arkansas, Oklahoma and Utah, the kinus focused on the topical issues facing these Shluchim.  From home schooling their children to shipping in kosher supplies, these shluchim deal with great “mesiras nefesh” on a daily basis.

The Kinus opened on Friday with a tour of a prestigious non-kosher bakery, and the intricate details on making the bread “Pas – Yisroel’. Lead by Rabbi Katzman, the twenty shluchim saw hands-on how a bakery in the middle of Nebraska is sensitive to the needs of the local Jewish community.

Davening on Shabbos day was spirited while a simultaneous children’s “kinus” was held.

This was followed by a seuda/farbrengen. The farbrengen was lead by Rabbi Kotlarsky, as he told over personal ha’aros from the rebbe about shlichus, the special zchus associated with being on shlichus and how achdus is a pivotal aspect to insuring success in ones shlichus.

The shluchim also heard from veteran shluchim, Rabbi Weg, Rabbi Grossbaum, Rabbi wilhelm and Rabbi Levertov, as the farbrengen brought a beautiful sense of “sheves achim gam yochach” and “keish echod belev echod” when throughout the afternoon all the shluchim individually spoke of their unique shlichus. The elder Shluchim themselves where then inspired as they sat with their younger colleagues hearing about their accomplishments, long after Shabbos had ended.

Motzei shabbos, the shluchim gathered for a melavah malka, commemorating two-hundred and fifty years since the Baal Shem Tov. The younger shluchim them had the zchus to hear how Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch, Machne Yisroel and Agudas Chassidei Chabad where established and the different responsibilities that the Rebbe set out for each one of them.

On Sunday morning, the shluchim had the opportunity to meet members of the Nebraska Jewish community, as the shluchim sat around a beautiful breakfast and shared personal stories from their daily shlichus.

The shluchim then departed for their respective mokom hashlichus with a new vigor and determination in fulfilling their shlichus.

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