Shluchim as Base Commanders

Responsible for many popular programs that have become a vital part of a young Shliach’s day, Myshliach is leading the way in providing chassidiskeit for Shluchim’s children in an educational and entertaining format.

At the recent Kinus Hashluchim, MyShliach’s programming received an overwhelming expansion, as more than four-hundred new children signed up to one of their programs; Chayolei Tzivos Hashem. To date more than 600 children are involved. A program that was recently only available exclusively to Lubavitch schools, MyShliach is enabling Shluchim to run the system in their makom haShlichus, with parents becoming their child’s base commander by printing and marking missions through their own account.

With a sticker binder, sticker book for their parents, a private rank book with goals and missions, and the ever popular monthly Hachayol magazines, these children are sure to benefit and grow on levels equivalent to their peers in a regular school.

For the Shluchim themselves, the benefit of such a unique program is seeing the constant chassidishe growth of their children on Shlichus, as a Shlucha from Italy recently wrote, “Chayolei Tzivos Hashem is adding tremendous chayus in our home, and our children are so excited about their beautiful and thoughtfully designed mission binders, stickers and Tehillim. Thank you, thank you and thank you!”

“The program enables Shluchim to provide a chassidishe chinuch to their children even in the most far-flung places of the world,” said Chaya Mushka Moscowitz, Chayolei director.

An online tutorial is available on the MyShliach website for children to be trained how to use the system, and for parents to learn how to maximize their child’s potential from the program.

Did you forget to sign your child up?

It’s not too late, just fill out this form and we’ll get you on board right away!

Below you can watch a kid’s tutorial on how the system works:

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