Shavuos Baal Peh Program For Young Shluchim

Shavuos Baal Peh Program For Young Shluchim

A new Yedios Klaliyos program from MyShliach will be piloted over Shavuos, encouraging young Shluchim to learn the chain of the Mesorah from the famed “Torah Chart” printed in the back of the Siddur, with an exclusive reward. 

Honoring Shavous and the giving of the Torah from anew, MyShliach has launched a Shavous Baal Peh Program for young Shluchim. Based on the well-known “Torah Chart” printed in the back of the Kehos Siddur, the Shavuos program will debut a pilot segment of an all-new Yedios Kloiyos division of the highly acclaimed Mishnayos Baal Peh program.

The Torah Chart has been freshly redesigned and divided into grade-based quotas. The children will take time over Shavuos to learn their grades quota by heart and can test their knowledge by filling in a blank chart. Every child who uploads their chart to the website will receive an automatic prize. An exclusive MyShliach water bottle will be delivered to their doorstep. Standing independent from its parent MBP program, Shavuos Baal Peh is open to all young Shluchim boys and girls!

The original chart, carefully designed with the Rebbe’s detailed instructions, aims to convey the fundamental concept of The Mesorah: the development and evolution of the oral Torah directly based on the Torah we received from Hashem at Har Sinai. With the Luchos perched on top, the chart follows the chain through Mishanyos, Shas, and Rishonim,  ending with the five sections of the Shulchan Aruch and its accompanying commentaries. It has been told that the Rebbe was personally involved in the creation of the chart and paid particular attention to the placement of the connector lines, which indicate the unbroken connection between a text and the source upon which it is based. The chart was redesigned by the MyShliach team at Merkos 302, taking particular care to maintain the structure and nuances of the original. 

“We hope that studying this chart will enrich the children’s appreciation of our Torah and their time spent learning it. The context it provides is invaluable, as evident by the Rebbe’s personal involvement in its creation and printing in the Siddur” says Rabbi Shaya Itkin, Program Director at MyShliach.

Mishnayos Ba’al Peh, a popular year-round program from MyShliach, infuses Yaldei Hashluchim with enthusiasm and chayus for the Rebbes hora’aos, recreating the Chassidishe atmosphere found in Chabad schools and communities. An exciting and interactive system of points and prizes for time and lines studied encourages kids to learn, memorize, and connect with the lines of Tanya and Mishnayos. The program is now expanding with a similar model, focusing on Yedios Klaliyos, general knowledge in various fields of Yiddishkeit.

For more info and to print your chart, visit

(Shipping for the automatic prize will only be available to the USA and Canada)



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